When giving to the Hope Center you may not understand,

How your time and contributions serve to provide a helping hand.

To you it may appear to be a simple building of brick,

But it’s so much more… a refuge to those challenged and sick.

Where hot food and clothing are always supplied,

Because all in need are welcome, no one ever denied.

You see, it is YOU we need,

To help those who come at the end of their rope,

Through volunteerism, financial support, and donation,

It is because of you that we are their HOPE.

All of our programs focus on the prevention of homelessness. There is no greater need than reliable shelter to instill hope and provide a foundation to build on. There is no greater requirement than everyone being treated with respect and equality.

Whether it’s a meal at our Outreach Meal Program or Day Center, clean “like-new” clothing from our Clothing Shop, furniture and/or appliances from our Project Move, or Financial Aid, all is provided free of charge and delivered in a respectful and welcoming manner.

What started in 1987 as a small group of pastors from the Waukesha area has grown into a mission supported by area congregations, local businesses, and individuals. Hope Center has been helping local families with their basic needs of financial aid, food, clothing, and furniture for almost thirty years, free of charge.

Hope Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is committed to serving people in need in Waukesha County.


“Hope Center has helped me by providing hot, wholesome meals and clothing for daily wear and work search. Thank you.”
-Barbara, Guest

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Catholic Community Foundation

More than 20,000 women, men, and children are currently living in or near poverty in Waukesha County. For 44 years Hope Center has strived to minimize the poverty related risk factors that contribute to homelessness by providing, at no cost to County residents, food, clothing, and simple living items. This is made possible by numerous contributors, donors and foundations such as the Catholic Community Foundation.

To learn more about the Catholic Community Foundation please consult


Reducing the risks of poverty by helping people in Waukesha County meet basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing through services, partnerships and community collaboration.


Providing hope and resources to help people survive.


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