All of our programs are based on the needs that are recognized in our communities. We believe that helping people with their basic needs is essential for them to have dignity and respect in their lives. Hope Center has helped thousands of people over the years.


In all of our programs, Hope Center reaches out in a caring manner, always trying to help people help themselves; hopefully empowering them to have the best possible quality of life given their limitations. We recognize the dignity of each individual no matter what his or her personal circumstance may be and we always strive to bring HOPE to those living in despair. 

Hope Center runs on donations, grants, and through the volunteer efforts of caring people in our community.

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Where Our Funding Comes From

Hope Center is funded primarily through local businesses and foundations, government grants, fundraisers, and through generous contributions made by people like you! Monetary donations provide a large portion of our funding. Please donate to our mission today so that we can continue to provide HOPE to our neighbors in need.

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“Hope Center has helped me by providing hot, wholesome meals and clothing for daily wear and work search. Thank you.”
-Barbara, Guest

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Catholic Community Foundation

More than 20,000 women, men, and children are currently living in or near poverty in Waukesha County. For 44 years Hope Center has strived to minimize the poverty related risk factors that contribute to homelessness by providing, at no cost to County residents, food, clothing, and simple living items. This is made possible by numerous contributors, donors and foundations such as the Catholic Community Foundation.

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Reducing the risks of poverty by helping people in Waukesha County meet basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing through services, partnerships and community collaboration.


Providing hope and resources to help people survive.


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