Be the Hope Renovation Campaign

In the past 35 years, Hope Center, and its predecessor, Cooperating Congregations of Waukesha, with the help of thousands of volunteers and a small, dedicated staff, have been a valuable partner in the community providing basic needs… food, shelter, clothing…to anyone who needs a helping hand… anyone! We believe that helping people with their basic needs is essential for them to have dignity. We strive to provide HOPE in their lives. 

Grateful for your past support, we now have in front of us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to significantly enhance and expand our ability to provide basic needs and spread Hope. The purchase of the bank building next door will provide three times the programming space than we currently have in our aging, crammed facility. The success of converting the bank building into a newly remodeled, fully functioning Hope Center now relies upon your generosity, and the generosity of the entire Hope Center community.

We are now in the early stages of our fundraising campaign. If you would like to join other Lead Donors in creating early momentum, please contact Al Luzi at Hope Center at (262) 549-8726.

We urge you to BE THE HOPE for many. Thank you!

Ralph Zick – Executive Director

Roy Nelson – Board President

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