Making a Positive Difference

“When I came to Carroll University it was easy to feel right at home on campus, But my time at the Hope Center connected me to the community making Waukesha feel like home. All of the people at the center are so grateful and happy when we come to help. And I feel myself smiling the entire time I am there. The Carroll Community and Waukesha Community are like a family, and that support and love is felt so great in the work that the Hope Center is able to provide” – Allison Klauke, Carroll Student

“The Hope Center is an amazing place.  All of the programs offered make a huge difference to those in need.  The staff of the Hope Center is made up of many ind and caring people.  It is a joy to volunteer at such a special place.” – Anonymous Volunteer

“3 Years ago I came to Waukesha Homeless….Hopeless and a mess….After being connected with the Hope Center within 3 months, I had a home….Within 3 days a house full of furniture…. I mean from the basement to the 2nd floor…..Enough clothing that I truly do not have to buy…..NOTHING….! I now have a home……I now have HOPE…..I’M NOT HOMELESS… I’m still a mess……Just not so messy….LOL I Thank God for the Hope Center of Waukesha….” James Simmons (Facebook)

“So many people come here for help.  It is a special program at no charge to the customers.  Just wonderful.  It is an organized heart- warming program, administered by Karen, in a very high integrity, caring way.  Hope Center is lucky to have her.  I am blessed to be able to participate.  Thank You.” – Anonymous Volunteer

“Hope Center has helped with clothes & shoes for me and my 4 children because we had moved from Texas. Thank God for this place.” – Anonymous Guest

“I love the Hope Center; it has helped me with job experience and clothing for my new job. The Hope Center found me a chair for when I moved into my apartment.” – Amy, Volunteer and Guest

“Thanks to the Hope Center and their guests, I now have someone to give me a shower and others who help feed me. The person who bathes me is a volunteer for the Hope Center. – Anonymous Guest

“They have given someplace to go during the day instead of walking around, people to talk to, shelter from the elements and something to eat, which means a lot to a lot of people and me.” – Steve, Guest

“Hope Center has helped me by providing hot, wholesome meals and clothing for daily wear and work search. Thank you.” – Barbara, Guest

“Hope Center helped me with clothes and a gas card and the people are great and the food is very good.” – Mel, Guest

“A place to eat and stay to help me stay out of trouble.” – Anonymous Guest

“I’ve received nothing but great help from the Hope Center, Holly helped me and she is very kind and friendly, she really too the time to work with me. Thanks.” – Melinda, Guest

“Thanks for the meals and clothing. I also liked the social aspects of the Day Center.” – Patrick, Guest

“I have got many clothes from here and the food they have is really good, Thank you for everything.” – Anonymous Guest

“Thanks to the Hope Center I have not starved to death and I am eternally thankful for that fact alone.” – Anonymous Volunteer and Guest

“They have blessed my family with shoes, clothing, bed mattress, and school supplies. I hope that people will continue to serve them with donations.” – Anonymous Guest

“I found a lot of help here. I like the clothes and Jesus is king.” – Anonymous Guest

“A place to go when cold. The clothes are a great help. A place to hear about jobs, and fellowship: Great Food!!” – Anonymous, Guest

“Been going to the hope for about a year, was homeless at the time. This place is a good source of info. I took that info and went from homeless to a place (apt), a job and a car. It took time but I just kept at it until I’m at where I’m at now. – Troy, Guest